XK8 20th Anniversary Event Click here to watch the JAGtechnic D-Type video

JAGtechnic provides the highest levels of Jaguar and Land Rover service for over 900 owners, meeting the highest possible standards required by Jaguar Land Rover to be become an Approved Jaguar Land Rover Extended Warranty Repairer. Our Technicians provide the highest possible level of model know how having been trained to the level of Master Technician by the Jaguar Land Rover Training Academy.

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JAGtechnic provides Dealer Level standards of Maintenance, Diagnostics, ECU Upgrades and Accessories for Jaguar X-Type, S-Type, F-Type, XF, XJ, XJ6, XJ8, XK8, XK, X100, X150, X152, X200, X250, X300, X308, X350, X351 models...
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Jaguars designed and developed to your BESPOKE interpretation, tastefully and elegantly evolved to meet the requirements of each unique owner...

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Our Classic & Heritage Department provides Classic Jaguar & Historic Maintenance for: MK I, II, XJ6/12, XJ40, XJS, C-Type, D-Type, E-Type, S-Type, XK 120/140/150, XKSS, 240/340/420 & Daimler V8...

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Customer Feedback
Paul, it really does show the breadth of work you do, and the quality. It is, as you say, all but brand new. I was amazed at how well the interior had come up, and the door casings look spectacular. I really cant wait… (MORE)
Paul, I would like to personally thank you and your staff Paul Jackson and James Miller for your support with the Goodwood Revival Ride & Drive. The event was unfortunately very late in the planning and without the v… (MORE)

PAUL CHIPP-SMITH is a man who isn’t afraid to try new things. After building up a successful and lucrative garage in South London, he… (MORE)

Paul Chipp-Smith has always liked Jaguars and today runs a company specialising in these and similar cars. His passion started when h… (MORE)
Rita and I have known Paul Chip-Smith for about 6 months and we have been extremely pleased with both Paul himself and the way he runs JAGtechnic. Paul initially helped us after we had purchased a 2003 Jaguar XK8 that… (MORE)
JAGtechnic specialise in service and support for Jaguar cars and are a competent, professional and friendly team who do seem to care about their customers and their cars. I found them helpful in dealing with routine a… (MORE)
Fantastic Service, completely trustworthy, gives you complete confidence, great product knowledge - 5 Star Rating.
Jaguar XKR - Complete Suspension Overhaul, Stainless Steel Exhaust, Paintwork, Continued Mainte… (MORE)
Fantastic Service provided, always polite & helpful. Would recommend to anyone. 5 Star Rating.
XF 2.7 Diesel - Upgrades, Ongoing Maintenance. (MORE)
A very pleasant and helpful company to deal with. 5 Star Rating.
X-Type Diesel & X-Type V6 - Continued Maintenance & Upgrades (MORE)
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On Saturday 5th March we will be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the XK8. The JAGtechnic team have organised what we hope to be the penultimate celebration of this historic model.

  • The XK8 story
  • Special guest speaker's
  • XK8 ownership advise
  • XK8's for sale
  • Demonstrations
  • Parts & Accessories
  • Hot food & refreshments
  • Various display's
  • See our bespoke ProjectXK Convertible

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