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To ensure that your vehicle receives parts of the highest standard we only purchase parts from trusted suppliers. All of the parts sourced to carry-out the repairs or servicing of your vehicle meet or exceed the Original Equipment (O.E.) specification specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

Our Main Suppliers:


Stay true to Jaguar and Land Rover with Jaguar and Land Rover Genuine Parts.
Jaguar and Land Rover Genuine Parts are designed specifically for your vehicle and come with numerous benefits that will ultimately help extend the lifespan of your Jaguar or Land Rover. These parts have been designed, tested and manufactured according to uncompromising premium standard to ensure the superior quality and durability of every part. With each part and component, you can have complete confidence in its fit, quality, durability and function. Genuine Parts, in combination with regular vehicle maintenance, will help protect your vehicle, providing enhanced safety and performance. | Back to top


Jaguar Classic Parts is the definitive source of all your needs for Genuine Jaguar and Daimler Spare Parts and Accessories. Spares, accessories and consumables are available for the following Jaguar and Daimler Models: X300 (6 and 12 Cylinder), XJS Pre-Facelift and Facelift, Series 3 XJ12, XJ6 and XJ12, XJ40 (XJ81) and Daimler Limousine to 1992. They also offer many un-catalogued parts for Jaguar E-Type, MK2, Daimler V8, S-Type, 420, MK10 and earlier XJ6 and XJ12 Series 1 and 2. | Back to top


Unipart Automotive is the UK's largest independent supplier of car parts, workshop consumables and garage equipment to the aftermarket. It is part of the Unipart Group, one of the largest independent logistics companies in Europe.

All service products supplied by Unipart Automotive have an Original Equipment (O.E.) matching quality guarantee and meet the requirements of Block Exemption. This allows independent garages to carry out servicing and maintenance on a car without invalidating the vehicle manufacturer's warranty, provided the garage follows the vehicle assembler's schedules. | Back to top


SNG Barratt is the world's leading supplier of spare parts for Jaguar & Daimler Cars. Around 101,500 parts lines available. Daimler V8 parts, Daimler Dart spares, Jaguar MK.II parts, E-type spares, Jaguar XK120, 140 & 150 parts, XJ6, XJ12, XJS, XJ40 parts, S-type & X-Type parts, X300 parts, XK8 & XJ8 parts. | Back to top







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*Price shown is a guide only and subject to VAT. Some additional services may apply.
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Recommended every 2 years, includes Leak Detection: £84.99


Recommended every 2 years, removes Bacterior & Odours: £29.99


Required every 2-3 years - See Owner Handbook: £74.99


Required every 10 years or 105,000m 2.7 & 3.0 TDV6 Diesels: £P.O.A


Recommended every 10 years, 2.7 & 3.0 TDV6 Diesels: £P.O.A


Recommended every 5 years or 60,000m: £P.O.A


Model specific. Contact us for price: £P.O.A


Save £40 when combining your service with one of our Valeting or Detailing proceedures: £P.O.A

All prices are subject to VAT.

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